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College essay is not easy to write for several reasons. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with a college essay if you don’t clearly understand who your audience will be. It is also hard to form the sentences in a scholarly way to meet college requirements. Some students simply lack writing skills and cannot formulate their ideas on the paper. A college essay should be written as concisely as possible. You should follow the basic rules in the course of writing this type of paper. Avoid using long words and sentences and try to put everything simple. It’s better not to use passive voice where the active would be more appropriate. Besides, you should avoid using scientific or foreign phrases if something can be described with the use of usual English words. Although these are the basic rules to writing any type of paper, they also apply to college essays. Keep in mind that your writing will influence your future application to college; that is why the college essay you write should reflect your personality and demonstrate your skills and abilities. You should always say what you actually mean to say in your essay. This will ensure your success in writing a college essay.

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