An Introduction to the Human Services essay

The human services field requires special education and training as this professional approach is focused on providing assistance to individuals, families and communities. It is not a secret that the growing number of human problems faced by individuals in modern society requires adequate response. According to researchers, “a growing number of people feel alienated and isolated from their neighborhoods and communities”(Woodside & McClam, 2014, p.7). Human services is aimed at providing individuals and groups of individuals sufficient support and assistance to allow them to help themselves (Neukrug, 2012). Human services helper encourages clients to be self-confident and independent in order to gain control of their lives as soon as possible. Helpers use the proper strategies to assist their clients gain belief in themselves.

I have learned much throughout this course about myself as a helper. I realize that if I want to become a human service professional, I should be self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency enhances the individual’s self-esteem (Corey & Corey, 2010).  I realize that my clients should feel that they are understood. As a helper, I should demonstrate empathy, be focused on collaboration and consensus, and develop an effective therapeutic assistance. I have developed effective listening skills in order to provide high quality communication, addressing the needs of my clients. Within my role as a helper, it is not acceptable to give advice. I will be able to use the technique “reflection of feelings” in order to explain my clients their feelings and help them to find the right solution. In addition, I have improved my non-verbal communication skills, which help to better understand the problems of other people.

I believe that human services management skills could help me to become a professional in human services field. I have the following qualities that would make me an effective manager or supervisor: good communication skills, leadership skills, the ability to adapt to changing environments, honesty, self-confidence, patience, self-control, persistence, goal-orientation, responsibility and other skills. As a helper, I should be focused on moral conduct and ethical decision making. I know that human services professional code of ethics will help me to become an effective human services helper (Poindexter & Valentine, 2010). An According to researchers, “many proponents of the humanistic perspective believe that effective helpers have a deep interest in other people and a desire to help, which allows them to receive satisfaction in promoting the growth and development of others” (Burger, 2013, p.200). I have enough skills and abilities to demonstrate the best traits of my character as a helper. I believe that people should help one another. I am ready to devote my time and energy to helping other people improve their lives. Moreover, I have the basic helping skills, including “listening, communicating, the ability to give feedback, observing, confronting, clarifying, problem solving, interviewing, and report writing” (Burger, 2013, p.200).

Thus, my thoughts and feelings about entering the human services field are positive. I hope that my desire to help other people and my belief that people can change their lives are two major characteristics while entering the human services field. As a helper, I have the proper skills and abilities to provide my clients’ development and personal growth.

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