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Annotated bibliography represents a list of references to books, scientific articles or other resources. Every reference contains a concise but detailed description or explanation of the key ideas provided in the book or article. This is known as annotation and usually equals to no more than 150 words. The major purpose of annotated bibliography is to give a clear idea as for the moments described in the given books or articles. Annotated bibliography is aimed at providing evidence that the book or article is relevant to the research conducted by the student. Despite an obvious simplicity of writing an annotated bibliography, it is associated with a number of complications that students are faced with when being given a task of writing this type of paper. Annotated bibliographies are often mistaken for abstracts given at the beginning of various scientific articles. However, these types of papers differ in many respects and students should not be misled by their similarity. In order to write a full-fledged annotated bibliography, a student should be able to conduct research and analyze the given resources from different perspectives, which is often hard to accomplish if you lack relevant skills apart from simply not being able to write a paper in a proper style and format.

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