Can money buy you happiness

Can money buy you happiness?

Do you feel happy? What does make you feel happy? What are the keys for being happy? Well, people all over the world try to provide themselves and their families with happy life. But each person sees happiness in different aspects. Some may feel happy for getting a highly paid job, some are happy because they have overcome a hard illness and others are happy to have a place to live in. If we ask people from different societies about happiness, so we will be surprised to know about so varied answers. If we speak about those people who live in poverty; let’s take African tribes or Indian people in slums – what is happiness for them? They live in bad conditions, but they have very big families; there are many children who should be provided with food and attention. But in these places, parents cannot send the kids to school; so boys and girls do not get any education. Instead of it, children go to the street in order to save money for the whole family. Can you imagine? But in spite of it, people do feel happy. What make them feel so? If taking into consideration a European person or an American one, they wouldn’t ever survive in such conditions, as they are used to have a luxurious house and the ability to travel all around the world. So is money the key of happiness for them? You may see two different worlds: the one, where money doesn’t have any matter and the second one, where people cannot live without having enough hard cash. So what people from these worlds can feel happy? Telling the truth, no European could get used to a poor society after living in prosperity; and no Indian would know what to do with money. But these poor people who live in big families in humble houses know what happiness is better, than the others. What is the reason for that? Well, it is quite simple. They just see this world from other point of view. They do not corrupt yet, they are not spoiled. They are real; they are honest and fair. But someone would say: how do they live? How do they provide the family with all necessary things? Well, of course, they do not have an opportunity to buy brand clothes, to fly to another countries or to eat everyday outside. But exactly because poor people don’t spend money on entertainments, they have much love and respect towards each other. Their heart is full of real emotions; they do care about the children, as parents spend a lot of time with them. Instead, rich people usually hire a baby sitter who becomes the parent, friend and teacher of the child. The world of the kid is surrounded around the baby sitter – and that’s it. Yes, maybe, he will have a possibility to watch cartoon all day, but he will be alone. Will it make him happy? The main problem of people of Earth is feeling loneliness. There are many cases when parents who need to spend much time at work, forget about the kids. They try to work hard in order to earn money, but soon they do not have any other activity to do except the job. But at this time the child is dreaming about having a friendly and tight family; to have parents who will spend with him the weekends playing football or watching him riding the bike. Such dreams of kids sound silly for adults, but this is the truth. In our modern society the children are lack of attention. So how do parents compensate it? The common thing is to buy something: a lollypop or a toy; sometimes, they just give money and say: here you are, go and buy something. The child will accept the gift, but will it really offset him the love of his mom and dad? From another point of view, poor children dream about having those toys, as they do not have any opportunity to play with such one. The kids are sure that this piece of plastic is the key for joy. We can understand them, as they have never seen something of the kind: it is colorful, bright and it can move or talk – incredible! But how these kids spend their free time? They do not watch the TV, they do not go to restaurants. They have a ball or a bicycle – they take them and go outside; call for some friends and can invent all sorts of games with the two subjects. But all of you should agree that living in the 21th century without big income is a problem. Many couples divorce because they cannot earn for living. According the last research of scientists people really feel happier with money. Nowadays this index shows us how much the person is satisfied with his life. It sounds pity. But just think over it: what can be bought or where is it possible to go for free? Even for staying in parks you have to pay. Imagine the situation when you have to buy a gift for your friend’s or child’s birthday. The kid has a dream to get a guitar; but you don’t have money to buy it. In this case both of you will be upset and you even will be irritated, asking yourself: why don’t I have enough money? Why my salary is so poor that I cannot buy even a present for my child’s birthday? It is a sad situation. Or you want to spend your holiday in some beautiful place in nature; you have to spend money on accommodation, meals and transport. After you have counted all costs, many of you will be surprised, as the number will be very high. Do you agree? So, the question of money can affect on the happiness of a person, unfortunately. But still we have to try not to make this problem the one which will destroy our relations with other people.

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