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Critical thinking is much more than simply analyzing some subject from different perspectives and presenting several points of view. It requires much background information to be gathered and many observations to be made. Critical thinking is an important part of college education. Such type of writing is a must for everyone who wants to succeed in their studies. This writing assignment consists of several parts that should be included in the paper in order to cover the given topic objectively and substantially. First, you need to determine the basic elements of your paper. In this part of the assignment, you need to make clear the importance of your research and the context in which it is written. Second, you need to gather materials and analyze them, after which you have to make observations on the subject and discuss it from different perspectives. Third, you need to analyze the context. This can be done by observing several resources on the same topic that need to be compared and contrasted. Finally, you need to present your own point of view, while the final part of the paper is a clear and concise conclusion. All these requirements have to be strictly followed in order to show the best of your critical thinking abilities.

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