Donald Trump Essay

Donald Trump’s win in the recent Presidential campaign is probably one of the greatest paradoxes in the recent political history of the US. On the one hand, he was the candidate unwanted and criticised by everyone, including the Republican Party, which has actually nominated him as the President. On the other hand, his very controversial sayings and ideas has drawn the public attention and public support to him and revived nostalgic feelings of many Americans about traditional American values and return of America to its greatness.

            However, in its essence, Donald Trump just manipulated with the public opinion and made a stir to draw the public attention that was his main purpose. On analysing his Presidential campaign it is possible to conclude that he attempted to draw the attention to his name and himself rather than to gain supporters. He wanted people and media speak about him and he made a great success in his efforts. He made a lot of stir to the extent that he triggered the severe criticism of his ideas even within his party, while the public and media was often shocked by his ideas and criticised him severely.

            In such a situation, his major rival, Hillary Clinton, seemed to have ample opportunities to win the elections and to gain advantages of Trump’s ideas and sayings that caused the severe criticism. Nevertheless, Donald Trump has defeated his opponent, regardless of all forecasts concerning the expected win of Hillary Clinton. This was probably the main paradox, taking into consideration the experience and strength of his rival.

            At the same time, the key factor of his victory is his radicalism and his ability to draw the public attention to him. He made people speak about him and he did not care what people said about him, whether they said good or bad things about his ideas and himself as the candidate. Instead, he wanted to make people speak about him and he reached that end. This strategy was the cornerstone of his success because he has managed to gain publicity that helped him to defeat his rivals within the Republican Party during the Primaries and later to defeat Hillary Clinton as his major rival in the Presidential campaign. His strategy of attracting the public attention by controversial sayings has proved to be successful since it made the public speak about him. What is more important, such strategy has attracted those Americans, who were dissatisfied with their current socioeconomic position and current problems the US society confronts. This is why his win was, to a significant extent, was the result of the growing dissatisfaction of many Americans with the current situation in the US and in their own life.

            However, the role of personal qualities of Donald Trump should not be underestimated in his win on the Presidential election. He has never given up throughout the campaign, even when his loss seemed to be very close. Instead, he carried on and struggled until the end to win the Presidential election.

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