Elon Mask Tesla Company Essay

Elon Musk is a businessman-star of the 21st century. The image of “Iron Man” was written from his nature. The fairly young and ambitious Musk has a number of Internet projects and the most, perhaps, loud physical projects: SpaceX, Tesla, and Hyperloop. Various things are said about him, but it is reliably known that he wants to bring mankind into space, having opened the era of space tourism; To establish the first colonies on Mars; To nullify the dirty car industry by offering quality electric vehicles and delivering people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes at a speed of 1500 km / h.

The main owner of the company Tesla, billionaire Elon Musk proposed to resolve the energy problems of Australia within 100 days. Since September, a series of power outages have occurred in South Australia, sparking a fierce political debate about the state’s dependence on renewable energy sources and how to avoid this problem in the future.

The problem has several solutions: it is possible to build more power stations on fossil fuels to provide a reserve for renewable energy in the future. Another solution may be to find an effective way of accumulating renewable energy during periods of its excess.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has already announced a nationwide emergency in the energy sector, and the Australian energy market operator has warned of a shortage of gas or electricity if urgent measures will be not taken.

AGL Energy (one of Australia’s largest sellers of gas and electricity in the retail market) warned that in the winter it may not be able to meet the demand for gas, and producers cautioned about possible job cuts and closure of enterprises due to a sharp rise in energy prices and the imminent deficit Gas.

Installing more batteries can ease pressure on the gas market.

What did Musk suggest?

The Tesla Company decided to save Australia from the energy crisis. The official proposal was made by the vice-president of the energy giant and cousin of Elona Musk Lyndon Rive during meetings with Australian politicians, and Elon Musk himself unveiled on Twitter.

The condition is as follows: Tesla will install Powerwall 2 batteries for 100 days, and if this does not eliminate the power outages, they will complete the entire project (costing about 25 million US dollars) for free.

The Tesla proposal is based on the second generation Powerwall 2 batteries, which are available at a household level at a cost of $ 10,000 – each. Batteries will be assembled in such configurations that will be able to produce energy of 100-300 megawatt hours.

An energy storage device, such as a Powerwall 2 battery network, can make power supply more reliable and uniform, and also protect from high demand periods and network failures, as Rive and the Australian government said.

Hearing about the offer, entrepreneur Mike Cannon-Brooks, co-founder of the Australian IT company Atlassian via Twitter asked Musk, whether he is serious.

Musk wrote in response: “Tesla will install and run the system within 100 days from the day of signing the contract, otherwise it will be free. Is it serious enough for you?”

Also, the last few successes of the company are connected with organisational moments. First, in May SpaceX received permission from the US Air Force to launch state satellites on Falcon missiles, and it is the second private structure after the United Launch Alliance, which passed such certification. Secondly, in November SpaceX signed a contract with NASA for the delivery of American astronauts to the ISS. If everything goes according to the plan, then Falcon 9 will put the Crew Dragon spaceship into orbit in 2017. Cooperation with government organisations opens up new financial prospects for SpaceX.

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