Ethics Internet companies essay

Today, the emergence of information technologies and wider use of internet open wide opportunities for the emergence of online businesses. However, online companies face the problem of the poor regulation and shortage of organizational tool that would determine their business development, code of conduct and interpersonal relations within companies as well as company-customer relationships. In this regard, it is possible to suggest developing the organizational tool framework which lays the foundation to the effective business development of online companies.

First, the company should introduce the code of ethics that regulates basic rules and norms of conduct of its employees between employees and between employees and customers. Top executives of the company should offer their personal example to make their subordinates to follow their lead. However, employees of the company will need ethical training that will teach them to resolve ethical dilemma and work within the ethical framework determined by the company that matches the company’s mission and vision as well as commonly accepted business standards of conduct.

On the other hand, the online company will need the ethical committee to monitor and control the implementation and observation of rules of conduct determined by the code of ethics of the company. The ethical committee should involve representative of the management of the company, of employees and of customers. The ethical committee will conduct regular ethical audit to ensure that the code of ethics is working and employees and managers of the company follow rules of conduct established by the code.

Thus, the online company will reach the high level of the organizational culture and succeed in its business development.

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