Ethics of Means and Ends essay

The ethical approach concerning means and ends that I expect to apply in my role as a criminal justice professional can be explained in the following way:

The ethical approach concerning means and ends is the so-called ethical doctrine of the ends justifying the means. In the criminal justice system, the morality of means and ends refers to the moral use of power in different situations. The major goal of the criminal justice system is to prevent people from committing crimes by threatening them with different kinds of punishment. A criminal justice professional should be focused on providing social control and preventing crimes. In some cases, it is acceptable for a criminal justice professional to use bad means in order to attain good ends. As a matter of fact, in the American criminal justice system, the ends of justice fail to justify the means of achieving it. For example, it is not allowed to use violence in the form of torture toward suspects.

As a criminal justice professional, I will effectively use ethical approach concerning means and ends in my future practice. I realize that I should not violate the laws of criminal procedure. The ethical approach will help me to be engaged in moral behavior, overcoming any obstacles put by the criminal justice system. I realize that I should deal with a conflict that exists between the means and ends of justice. As a representative of the criminal justice, I am obliged to the means of justice embodied in the legal process. At the same time, I am obliged to the ends of justice, providing social security. I should be focused on the noble cause in my actions and decisions, doing good for all the members of society I live in. I will have to weigh the legality of my actions, decisions and behaviors against the so-called good end of arresting a criminal.

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