Evidence that Support Brushing your Teeth in the Morning essay

From the early childhood people know how important it is to take care of their teeth. On the one hand, healthy teeth are a pledge for a beautiful smile. On the other hand, brushing your teeth makes your breath fresh and does not alienate people from you. Bacteria develop in a sticky film called plaque; they release acids that can damage or even destroy tooth enamel and result in painful cavities. If the plaque with bacteria is not removed in time, it can then turn into tartar, also leading to various teeth and gum diseases. “Effective brushing and flossing unbind bacteria-laden plaque from the surface of teeth,” Schupak (2012) explains.

As the main reason to brush your teeth is to get rid of food remains and prevent bacteria from reproduction, many people prefer to clean their teeth before going to sleep. They consider that in this way they cope with food and plaque that accumulate in the mouth during the day, and thus one time is enough to keep their teeth from danger.

It goes without saying that cleaning your teeth at night is really important. However, brushing your teeth in the morning is significant as well, and here is the evidence.

First of all, while you have a rest during the night, your body goes on working. Sometimes there may be specific problems with digestion that cause inflammation and result in unpleasant breath in the morning. It is rather hard to find out whether you have bad breath without asking someone else, therefore, if you care about your reputation, you’d better not leave home without brushing your teeth.

In fact, many people stress that they do brush their teeth before going out, but they usually do it after having breakfast. Such a habit seems to be quite sound because in this way you take care of your teeth immediately after eating and keep your breath fresh until the next meal. However, brushing your teeth immediately after breakfast is a double-edged weapon.

Some of the products you eat contain acids that weaken tooth enamel. If you brush your teeth immediately after acidic drinks or food, toothpaste will add distress to your tooth enamel (Carr, 2013). In the meantime, brushing your teeth before the meal will be more effective because toothpaste is specially worked out to create a long-lasting protective coating for your teeth. Subsequent bacterial infection is prevented by antibiotic agents, which keep the toothpaste away from spoiling and provide additional effect for your health.

What is more, in today fast-moving world many people have to eat out for breakfast, so they have no opportunity to brush their teeth after the meal. Therefore, protecting their teeth beforehand is the best way out to keep healthy and fresh. Herein, if you still do not like the idea to clean your teeth before the meal with acids, wait for 30 minutes and enjoy the procedure (Gordon, 2013).

All in all, brushing your teeth in the morning is an extremely useful habit. It is effective from both hygienic and aesthetic reasons. It is important to note that brushing your teeth in the morning does not mean you shouldn’t do it in the evening. On the contrary, if you clean your teeth twice a day, in the morning as well as in the evening, it will make the need to visit your dentist twice smaller.

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