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Reports represent a type of paper that should be written strictly according to the requirements. After all preparatory work, students are to write a report that should represent a concise, well-structured and accurate document consisting of a definition and analysis of the given topic. In order to write a good report, several aspects should be taken into account. First, those students who are going to write a report should not forget to include a record of the events that will be described in the paper. Second, students should analyze the importance of this or that event which the paper is focused on. Third, students should assess the results of the research conducted on the subject in question, so that they are well-structured and written up to the point. Fourth, students should include the discussion on the results of the preliminary research. Finally, the paper should have accurate conclusions and some recommendations for those researchers who will investigate the debated topic in future. In such a way, it is pretty hard to make a properly structured and clearly written report as this type of paper requires not only good writing skills but also an ability to carry out a research on the given topic.

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