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Writing is an expression that serves to elaborate how we feel, and its beauty can convey messages and information we dare not speak. Indeed, writing prose is an art, an art that very few possess. It is said that words have the power to transport you to another place, in another time. Do you believe you possess the power of painting with words? Is writing a favourite hobby of yours, or an essential form of self-expression? Have you been plying your friends with stories you have written? And do you teachers take you time in class to quote and praise your essays?

Are you tired of reading out your stories to your younger siblings, or the kids you babysit after school? Are you craving the fame of winning a competition with your remarkable writing progress? Look no more, we have just what you need!


We are organizing a Annual Writing contest, and each and every one of you is invited. There is absolutely no eligibility criteria, provided you can write well, that is all we need. Furthermore, there is no entry fees, you do not have to pay us anything to take part in the contest. However, we will only allow one writer to apply one paper at a time. All submissions must be made before the deadline has passed.

We will provide you with a platform where you can outshine your abilities and, make the first step towards establishing yourself as a literary genius. We have a profound appreciation for the talents of writer, and we aim to root out the writers in every house, and encourage them to participate in our contest which will assist them in analyzing their writing abilities and motivate them to make serious considerations about their future.

Now, let us discuss some of the basic requirements that you need to know regarding the rules and regulations of the contest.


You are required to write an essay consisting of 900-1000 words, following the MS Word Format. All work must be composed in English language, and you are required to mention all your contact info on a separate page. We a have strict policy against plagiarism and we advise the candidates to refrain from engaging in plagiarism, as we will thoroughly examine each custom writing to ensure that the writers have produced original content. Your essay will get disqualified if it is suspected to be plagiarized. Remember, make sure to provide us with an essay that has not been published before, so even if you are an employed blogger or writer, we want you to provide us fresh and original content.


  • Is death penalty justified?
  • Should teenagers be required to get their parents’ permission to obtain contraceptives?
  • Women are less engaged in criminal activity than men?
  • Does Technology Make Us More Alone??
  • Can a Video Game Be a Work of Art?
  • Do You Believe in Equal Rights for Women and Men?
  • Is Cheerleading a Sport?
  • What Is More Important: Our Privacy or National Security?
  • Should Euthanasia Be Legal in Every State?
  • Do Poor People ‘Have It Easy’?

How to apply?

You can apply for the contest using the simplest and easiest methods, it’s only a matter of few clicks! All you have to do is to upload your paper with the title “Essay Writing Contest” below.


Upon submission, your essays will be evaluated by our highly qualified, renowned and competent team of writers, who will grade you according to the work you have produced.


Submissions are accepted till September 1, 2017. 11:00 PM UCT

The winners will receive e-mail notifications by September 20, 2017


The winners will be awarded prizes, the 1st winner will be awarded $500, and the 2nd runner-up will be given $300 while the 3rd runner-up will be awarded $100.

And that’s not all, the top 10 contestants will be reviewed and shortlisted to receive a job offer from us!

So, don’t hesitate, and join us to win the most coveted writing contest of the season, which will not only assist you in getting recognition as a writer, but may also serve to advance your career possibilities.


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