Should video games be considered a sport?

Do you go in for sports? Do you think it is important to keep fit? What kind of sport activities are the most popular among young people and adults? We all know about the diversity of sport games; since childhood kids like spending their spare time outside, playing football, basketball or go for skiing or snowboarding in winter. Supposing, each of us has his favorite sport. When the kid is fond of some sport activity, his parents tend to send him to sport clubs, where the kids can be taught paying it professionally. You might have also attended such clubs or many your own children visit ones. It is also worth saying that each culture and country has its common sport game. For example, Japan in famous for martial arts, such as judo and karate; the most popular sport game is Britain is cricket, the United States is proud of American football, skiing is common for countries, where the winters are cold and snowy.

Long time ago, these games were known only few places, but today even the most rare sport games can be played in many countries. The children and adults can be taught to play and develop their skills. But have you seen that in the last few years, there are less boys and girls playing sport games outside? Are video games the reason for it? And it is dangerous for the health of a kid? Today we live in a world of high technologies; every issue we have, can be solved with the help of the computer. And there is a possibility to find the favorite game in the Internet, and play it online. Can you believe? This modern kind of paying sport games online is called esports – electronic sports. Parents and grandparents don’t accept this tendency, as sport games in their youth were different; nothing of the kind existed earlier. There are many opinions that video games cause harm for the kid. But why do children think the opposite? It is really better to sit behind the monitor and play games online? Well, let’s talk about it. It is not a secret that many children spend much time at home in front of a laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

With the help of the internet, they can download any game they like and play it without going outside. They can play while lying still in bed, in public transport and even having a mill. It doesn’t matter how the weather outside is; it may be rainy or snowy, but the kid can still play football on the grass. It may be hot summer, but it is possible to stake online. Is not it brilliant? Moreover, you may play with children all over the world. The network will connect you with other boys or girls and you will have the ability to play with other kids. For all mentioned above reasons the children prefer playing video games. But let’s look upon this problem from different point of view. Why parents do not approve video games? The reason is that video games cannot replace a real sport game. When you play in a team, you can develop your team skills and cooperate with other children. And how about the competitive spirit? Passion appears and there is a wish to play. Another problem is: while sitting at home and playing games online, you don’t waste calories and energy. When you on the field, you move. And when you make movements, you keep your body fit. Passive sport leads to different illnesses, such as obesity and heart failure. Parents wouldn’t like to see their children ill, but healthy. For this reason adults cannot call video games – sports. But then the children will ask: so, how about chess? Chess is a sport game. But here the issue differs.

Chess is an ancient game which is considered to be a sport game for its ability to train the brain. But what are the benefits from video games? So they make good for your body? Video games can be competitive, but they do not require any physical activity. The biggest advantage of video games is the graphics and bright colors. Well, yes, the picture usually looks fantastic. But look out: the field has also a green grass, hasn’t it? And other question concerns the mood of a child. There were many occasions when video games led to pitiful results. While playing video games, some children tend to win and some to lose. Losing at video games affect badly on the child and may cause to nervous breakdown. Try to keep your child away from such consequents. There are many pros and cons of paying video games; there are also different opinions on it. So how do you think: can video games be considered as sport games? Many people, who are fond of paying games while sitting in from of a TV, do call this activity sport game. But others, who consider this sitting on the sofa as laziness, would take the ball and go outside. Both of them will be playing, but in different way. Who of them is a real sport player? Well, the Olympic Games are known as the biggest competition of sport games, but does it contain video games? Actually, no. Maybe, video games are just a different kind of sport games? The fact is that today there are many people who tend to play games online; and every year the number is getting higher. Just ask your friends what do they prefer, explore the tendency among young generation and you will see that it is true – many of them will choose video games. The world of technology affects on our lives a lot. And who knows, maybe, in several years video games will be included into the Olympics? But take a piece of advice: if the weather outside is sunny, take a ball, gather your friends and spend some time playing real team game outside. You will get a real pleasure, believe it.

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