Essay on Cyber Terrorism

The use of the Internet by terrorist groups will continue to become more sophisticated.  As an effective tool used daily in the world of business and pleasure, the Internet is widely used in the murky world of terrorism. It is used not just for the practice of recruiting, but all forms of terrorist logistics. According […]

Essay on Executive Skills

There are millions of organizations all over the world nowadays. They all have various aims, financial support, forms of ownership and so on. However they all have one feature in common, namely there is a need to build the structure of any organization, in order to guarantee its proper functioning. The term “organization chart” was […]

Essay on Egyptian Civilization

Periods of Egyptian civilization The Egyptian civilization is not only viewed as one of the oldest civilizations, but also as one of the most durable ones. It is traditionally divided into the following major periods: 1) Pre-Dynastic period (Prior to 3100 BC). During this period 42 territorial and political unities were formed. As a result […]

Civil Aviation Industry essay part 2

Civil Aviation Industry essay part 1 Nevertheless, there are still many challenges. Recent study proves the fact that “safety performance has not been evenly distributed across all segments of commercial aviation, nor among all countries and regions of the world” (Oster et al., 2013, p.148). It has been found that some countries demonstrate poorer safety performance […]

Civil Aviation Industry essay

Today the term “terrorism” describes the illegal and often inhuman actions that are intended to instill fear and uncertainty in people. The civil aviation industry is one of the fields that are seriously influenced by the fears of terrorism since 9/11. As a result, the issue of aviation safety and security is one of the […]

Essay on Strategic Planning Analysis: National Institute of Health

The National Institute of Health is the biomedical research facility and the agency of the US government responsible for biomedical research activities. The institute conducts studies in the field of biomedicine to assess current risks and threats to the public health, develop programs of the prevention of those threats and elaborate on effective policies that […]

Essay on Sociology: Self and Society

            The issue regarding the role of appearance and beauty in contemporary society has been widely discussed in academic literature and the mass media sources. Beauty is not only biologically programmed to function in human representation, but also it is culturally constructed to address the culture of human societies (DeMello, 2007).  It has been found […]

History of the book Emma by Jane Austen essay part 2

History of the book Emma by Jane Austen  essay part 1 According to Neil Wenborn, “despite a proliferation of editions from the early years of the 20-th century onwards, R.W. Chapman’s edition of Emma, published by the Clarendon Press in Oxford in 1923 and reprinted at intervals since, remains the standard scholarly edition” (35). R.W. Chapman […]