Japan's Geisha

Essay on Japan’s Geisha

One of the most popular professions in Japan is Geisha. To be a geisha is not as easy as it may seem. It is not only a beautiful woman, who should entertain a man. She must have many skills, such as dancing, playing a classical music, she must to be a woman of art to […]

Glengarry and good faith essay part 2

Glengarry and good faith essay part 1 However, the film makes the audience think of true motives which drive people to launch the pursuit of wealth. Moss is apparently ready to steal shares to become wealthy, while Levene has a different motivation since he wants to save his daughter and commits the crime as the way […]

Glengarry and good faith essay

The problem of the negative impact of the pursuit of wealth on the morality of people and society is still relevant because the pursuit of wealth is still one of the primary concerns of the contemporary culture. However, such purposes may ruin life of people since such goals as wealth and prosperity are not always […]

Essay on Success and Failure of Intelligence part 2

Essay on Success and Failure of Intelligence part 1 Furthermore, the cracking of Enigma was the successful intelligence operation because it has brought the strategic advantage to the allies, who could track and decipher the communication of Germans, while the communication plays the key and strategically important part in military operations. The party that cannot encrypt […]

Essay on Success and Failure of Intelligence

Historically, intelligence played an important part in military operations and wars. However, intelligence operations may have not only positive but also negative effects on military operations as well as the balance of power between opposing parties. At this point, it is possible to refer to the experience of the US and allies’ intelligence during World […]

Social Media: YouTube essay part 2

Social Media: YouTube essay part 1 Users publishing their videos on YouTube are almost free being limited in publishing explicit videos and some other videos only which are either illegal or offensive for publication and contradict to rules of YouTube. The freedom of creativity is, therefore, enormous and people create diverse videos implementing their most daring […]

Social Media: YouTube essay

Today, social media play an increasingly more important role in the life of society because users spend a lot of time online and they view social media as an important source of information about issues which users are concerned with. YouTube, being one of the mainstream social media, allows users to share their videos online, […]

Essay on Private Investigating Organization part 2

Essay on Private Investigating Organization part 1 The type of management utilized in the organization             The key feature of the private investigating organization is that the policies, services and initiatives developed by this organization are aimed at fulfilling the needs and requirements of the private individuals or companies employing them. According to Richard R.E. Kania […]

Essay on Private Investigating Organization

This paper places emphasis on the role of effective management in criminal justice organizations. The organization under study is the Michigan Council of Private Investigators. This is a non-governmental criminal justice organization that is specialized on provide high quality private investigation services. This paper provides an overview of the organization, defines the structure of the […]

Time management and Personal development essay

One’s personality is formed and developed under the influence of multiple factors, objective and subjective, natural and social, inner and outer, independent and those dependant on the conscience of a person. In this regard, a person is not viewed as a passive being that reflects certain social influence. Instead, a person is a subject of […]